The following are actual testimonials from clients of Patrick D. West Law Firm, P.C. who have given us express written permission to publish the testimonials. Names are not provided to protect our client's anonymity.

My name is Niameh. A few years ago I was in a very difficult time in my life. Relationships gone bad, about to lose everything I have ever worked for. I was introduced to Patrick West and when I met him, he told me everything I needed to know and do. He and his staff worked with me through my Bankruptcy and today I'm free and already received my first two credit cards. Thanks to God and to Patrick, Vickie, and his office staff.


Estoy muy agradecido con los servicios de Patrick D. West Law Firm. Ha sido de gran ayuda en mi caso. Agradezco de antemano su honestidad e integridad, ya que su mayor enfoque es trabajar en pos de sus clients y agradezco que su que su su ayuda sea en en me propio idioma en este proceso de bancarrota. Gracias.

-Abraham 11/20

Mr. Patrick and his staff have been so kind and helpful with my case. He has done more than I could ever thank him for. Again thank you very much.

-Eva 11/16

I am so grateful that I found Patrick D. West to handle my Bankruptcy 13 and with his help I get to keep my home.

Thanks sir.

-Adelita 11/9

Gracias por ayudarme. ... Estoy muy agradecido por su trabajo. Muchas gracias.

-Federico 11/06

I would like to thank Patrick West for helping me get through this tough time. When I needed to speak to him, he or his office returned my call promptly. I always felt I had someone in my count.

Thank you once again.

-Yvette 7/29

They were always kind and patient from the start to the finish. I never felt like they were judgmental and I always had a positive attitude after each conversation or office visit. My bankruptcy went smoothly and I would recommend this law firm again. Patrick West and his assistant Vicki are very friendly, caring and professional!

-Linda 6/30

While having to file bankruptcy is never in "the plan" sometimes you find yourself there anyway. I was fortunate enough to have the someone and guidance from the knowledgeable and patient people. My case got more confusing and weaker with each passing week and they just hung in there with me and got it taken care of. While I hope I never have to see them again (for this reason anyway!). I will forever be grateful to them for their help through such a hard time in my life!!!

-Shilo 6/29

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! It has been a pleasure to be represented by someone who truly cares for his clients. It is difficult for anyone who has to file for bankruptcy. You have made this process less painful for me. You have helped me through this greatly. You are very prompt to return my calls and dependable. It is a great feeling to be able to breathe and know that I'm not in this alone. Not often do you find an attorney who you know is looking out for your best interest and trust worthy. Thank you so much for helping me save my home. Vicki is also wonderful and takes time out to help me answer any questions I may have I can not thank you both enough for helping me through this.

I am greatly happy to recommend Patrick D. West Law Firm for those people out there with the financial burden. Things all built up, and a load of stress. They helped with all that. Miss Vicki is also so helpful. Just talk to them and have faith and relax. It does get better. Thank you all very much.

Patrick West and his staff provide outstanding experience, guidance, and support to clients during the entire experience.