How To Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often not the devastating blow many people think it will be to their credit. Often, being discharged from bankruptcy can be the beginning of a fresh start where people are able to begin taking positive action again to build a solid credit history.

Rebuilding credit in the midst of a difficult debt situation is impossible for most people. Often, the factors that led to the creation of the difficult debt still persist. Insufficient income, excessive debt, high interest rates, late fees and other factors can prevent even the most hardworking of people from being able to overcome their difficult debt situation.

Use A Fresh Start To Rebuild Your Damaged Credit

Many creditors offer opportunities to people who have been recently discharged from bankruptcy. By taking advantage of these opportunities, a person can begin building a credit report that shows he or she can meet his or her obligations. There is no more direct route to a higher credit score.

Helping People Find Debt Relief

I am attorney Patrick D. West of Patrick D. West Law Firm, P.C. I have been working to help people find the debt relief they need for more than 25 years. I understand the challenges that people face, and I know what tools are available to help them get back on their feet again. The automatic stay that is put in place after filing for bankruptcy provides people with an immediate sense of relief. Knowing that you no longer have to be subject to unending harassment from creditors and collection agencies can provide you with the peace of mind you may not have had for years.

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