Medical Bills

While studies differ, most reputable sources indicate that approximately two out of three bankruptcies are a result of medical bills. Many studies also indicate that the majority of Americans are only one serious medical mishap or illness away from filing bankruptcy. When people are injured or ill, through no fault of their own, they necessarily accrue medical bills.

A significant illness or accident can result in huge medical bills and long periods of missed wages. Fortunately, filing bankruptcy can enable you to discharge most or all of your medical bills, in addition to other debts. If you have burdensome and unmanageable medical bills and pursue bankruptcy, in a matter of months you could be on the way to financial recovery.

Experienced Help With Medical Debt Relief

In more than two decades of service, we at Patrick D. West Law Firm, P.C. have helped thousands of clients get a new lease on financial life in the wake of serious medical bills. It is our goal to work directly with you to understand your circumstances and needs. From there, we can orchestrate a plan to help discharge all medical debts so that you can get a clean slate. We know the stresses and difficulties of medical bills and always aim to effectively and efficiently work toward a best possible resolution. We strongly encourage you to reach out as soon as possible if you have any questions.

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