Credit Card Lawsuit Resolution Through Chapter 7

One extremely stressful aspect of unmanageable debt is the prospect of a lawsuit or judgment. Because credit card companies make money by collecting on debts, it is not surprising that lawsuits are one of the tools they use. Fortunately, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may offer some assistance. Filing bankruptcy can aid with pending lawsuits and judgment actions by potentially discharging unsecured debt.

It is important to note that when a court date has been set for a creditor to secure a judgment against you, it is not too late to take action. Chapter 7 will end any ongoing lawsuits, while preventing new filings.

If you are considering resolving a lawsuit through the means of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is important to act decisively and understand all your rights by partnering with a skilled lawyer.

Experienced Help With Debt Relief

We at Patrick D. West Law Firm, P.C. are committed to bringing more than two decades of bankruptcy experience to help you relieve yourself from debt and lawsuits so that you can get back to what matters — your life. Patrick D. West works directly with clients to fully understand their unique circumstances and is able to pursue an ideal resolution by fusing his comprehensive knowledge with commitment to service.

A Note About Driver's Licenses/Auto Insurance Issues

If you pursue bankruptcy and are liable for costs due to a car accident or have had a license revoked due to no proof of insurance, you will be able to reinstate your license if you ideally work through the process.

Have you had your driver's license suspended due to a judgment regarding a car accident for which you were uninsured or underinsured? If so, bankruptcy may allow you to reinstate your license without having to pay the judgment.

Warning About Creditors Who Have Sued You

A ruling by the Federal Appeals Court makes it possible for a judgment creditor to have a lower court strip you of your right to declare property, such as your homestead, as exempt. This usually happens when a judgment creditor sues and sends written requests for admissions. One of the requests will ask you to admit or deny that your homestead (or other property) is exempt. By not responding in the time allotted (usually 30 days), the creditor can ask the Court to hold that you have admitted that your home is not your exempt property. Once the judgment becomes final, it cannot be set aside, even by a bankruptcy court. Therefore, if you have been sued and are considering filing for bankruptcy, you should not delay.

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